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Risk Profile

Client will be classified as low risk appetite medium risk appetite and high risk appetite based on the score obtained by answering the following questionnaire. Once, the score is obtained client will be offered services which suits his/her risk appetite. The classification of the services is also mentioned below.

Risk profiling questionnaire and product classification

Under 30

Regular Income
Capital Appreciation and Regular Income
Capital Appreciation

Self employed or Officer
Student or senior citizen
Business man who have more than one                      business

Below 2 lac
2-5 lac
5-10 lac
Above 10 Lacs

1 to 3 lakh
3 to 5 lakh
5-10 lacs
Above 10 lacs

Intraday Trader
Short term Positional Trader
Long Term Positional Trader

Less than 1 years
1-3 years
Above 5 years

Derivatives Stocks
Commodity and Forex

Between 0% -10%
Between 10% - 25%
Between 25% - 50%
Above 50%

Less than 1 lacs
1-2 lacs
2-5 lacs
Above 5 lacs

Between 1-3
Between 4-6
Above 6 Members

0-1 month income
Between 1-3 months income
Between 3-6 months income
Above 6 months income

Above 20%

Extensive experience
Moderate experience
Very less experience
No experience

Extensive experience
Moderate experience
Very less Experience
No experience

Strongly prefer
Do not prefer


Rarely traded
Traded sometimes
You are a full time trader
You are a part time trader

10 to 20 % Monthly return on investment
20 to 30 % Monthly return on investment
30 to 40 % Monthly return on investment
More than 40 % Monthly return on investment

Not Secure
Somewhat Secure
Fairly Secure
Very Secure

Civil Servant
Current or former head of state
Bureaucrat (Tax authorities, Foreign Services, IAS         etc)
Current or former MP/MLA/MLC
Connected to Media

The Maximum weight allotted to all the questions would sum up to 84
Product Classification and client classification is as follows
Low Medium High
0-28 29-56 57-84
Any client who has a risk appetite between 0-28 is classified as low risk appetite client and will be offered low risk products, while a client with risk appetite score between29-56 will be classified as medium risk appetite and will be offered a medium risk product. However any client with a score of 57-84 can select any product since the risk appetite is high.
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